Mantra Chocolate Bars

Mantra bars are psilocybin chocolate bars that has quickly grown popularity. Mantra bars were made to help users who had being complaining about the bitter taste of shrooms. These mushroom chocolate bars like many other chocolate bars ( one up mushroom ) are 3.5g bars. The high from these mantra can last up to 4 hours and a proper microdosing schedule should be followed like with any other shroom chocolates. 

Mantra Psilocybin Chocolate Bars Flavors

Mantra mushroom bars come in 5 amazing flavors. 

  • Mantra Immortal Bar
  • Mantra Nootropic Bar
  • Mantra Serenity Bar
  • Mantra Euphoria Bar
  • Mantra Hero

These flavors ensure that there no one is left behind and there is something for everyone. The mantra bars team is strongly working on producing more flavors for their ever growing client base.


Effects of Mantra Psychedelic Chocolates

Mantra chocolate bars have similar effects to other psilocybin or shrooms in general. A few of the effects include:

  • A sense of disorientation
  • A feeling of euphoria
  • Increase in appetite
  • It combats stress
  • It has a sedative effect
  • It helps with anxiety